Friday, 31 October 2014

Kundalini Yoga: Green Energy of the Heart

This was my first ana&ravi DVD, and I liked it so much that I decided to get more. They are quite pricey on, but if you're patient and wait for a good deal to pop up at the marketplace, you can get them for 10€ or less (including the shipping cost) which I think is an acceptable price for a new (not used), really good workout DVD.

This DVD, like the others in the series, is a mixture of yoga and gym workout (without any equipment, of course). It includes a mantra to focus and tune in with, two great warm-up sets, two "main" sets (called Green Energy Sets on this particular DVD), a deep relaxation, a fun chant to lighten the mind, and a sweet little closing prayer. There are lots and lots of back bends, but also some great exercises for the tummy muscles. The thighs get a workout as well. And the ability to pick and choose which sections to include in your workout is great. As for the difficulty, I think this truly is an exercise DVD accessible to everyone. While some of the exercises are very challenging to do 100%, it's always easy to modify them to make them a little easier - not go as deep into the posture, not do as many repeats, or not stay in the posture quite as long as the instructor, etc. After doing this workout, I always feel great: my back feels wonderful, my mind clear and my whole body a lot more awake than when I started. I like this DVD a lot, and would absolutely recommend it.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Xbox 360: Ilomilo - A Tearful Farewell

I'm too lazy to keep writing about my video game progress, so I think I'll just make it a habit to write about a game once I'm done with it. That way, I can give a properly informed opinion and put all my thoughts about it into one blog post so I won't have to repeat things I've already said in an earlier post about the game.

Sadly, I finished Ilomilo a while ago, including Autumn Tale, its sole DLC. (For a proper introduction to the game, including pictures and a trailer, see my previous post about it.) I have to say, it's the cutest, cuddliest game I have ever played, and I'm still completely in love with it even after finishing it. Puzzle games are my favourite video game genre, and Ilomilo's gameplay is just perfect for me - it combines simple but clever mechanics, cute and totally unique graphics, a completely original and cozy soundtrack and an utterly charming atmosphere into such a lovable and one-of-a-kind experience that realising that there were no more levels left for me to play made me quite sad.

Goodbye, Ilo and Milo, and thanks for all the wonderful times we had! And if you ever happen to run into your developer team on one of your wanderings, please tell them we need a sequel!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

My Kind of Music, part 3

This week's song is something a little more dramatic, Black Out the Sun by Darren Hayes. Both the song and the video are extremely powerful and atmospheric, and together they make for a truly gripping, very emotional experience.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My Kind of Music, part 2

This week's song is We're All Mad by Natasha Bedingfield. It's nice and mellow, and has beautiful, meaningful lyrics that convey a very important message.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

My Kind of Music, part 1

I listen to music a lot, so I thought why not share some of it here, make it perhaps a weekly thing to post about a song I like...

This week's song is Sweet Ophelia by Zella Day. It has just the right mixture of heavy (the beat) and sweet (her voice) to work for me. On top of that, it's exactly the kind of trippy electronica pop that I love. I'm really looking forward to her planned mainstream breakthrough next year!