Monday, 8 September 2014

Poll Results

What would you like to read about in this blog?

Many thanks to the six people who voted! As to the people who didn't, I'm assuming they're at least mildly interested in all the subjects listed above and that's the reason they didn't vote.

I was especially pleased to see that all the people who voted liked my contemplative posts - I tend to think about things rather deeply and from many different angles, and it's great to know that reading about these contemplations of mine isn't boring for you. Because I enjoy writing them and finding the images to accompany my words and enhance the overall mood and message of the post. There will definitely be more of that kind of posting here in the future.

It was also great to see that none of the subjects was left with no support whatsoever. From time to time, I will get inspired to write about a book, movie, TV show, video game, food, drink, or whatever, and it's nice to know that those posts, too, have their audience here. The weight loss and fitness progress logging is mostly for my own benefit, but it does give me a good feeling to know that some of my readers are actually interested in following this journey of mine. I already feel stronger, healthier, and in many ways more capable than I have ever felt before, and feeling accountable to my readers is one of the many small things that help keep me on this healthy path.

So, thanks for being there, thanks for reading, and see you around!