Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Fitness Games and Me

Fitness games are the main reason why I got myself an Xbox 360 game console during autumn 2012. I wanted to get into shape and lose weight, but have always dreaded exercising with other people around (why, hello, traumatic experiences from primary, secondary and high school PE classes) and so was more than reluctant to go to a fitness class or the gym. When I randomly stumbled upon a Zumba Fitness game video, I knew that instant that I had found the perfect way to get my fitness level up: unlike ordinary fitness exercise DVDs, these fitness games would be interactive and give me feedback based on my performance to keep me motivated to keep doing my very best through the entire workout. I did some research and found that new Zumba Fitness games still appeared at a rate of one per year for Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Out of these two consoles, I chose the Xbox 360 as it didn't require the player to hold or wear a controller when playing fitness games and therefore felt like a more comfortable and natural choice than Nintendo Wii which does require the player to hold or wear a controller.

I didn't get to fully enjoy the fitness games on my Xbox 360 until spring 2013, when my boyfriend and I moved into a more comfortable-sized apartment (the place we still lived in during autumn 2012 was tiny!) as playing the fitness games does require some room (I should have thought about that before, but luckily we had been planning to move to a bigger place anyway, and found a nice one we could afford during spring 2013). It was worth the wait, though, as I found exactly what I had been looking for, and more! My favourites are the Zumba Fitness series (duh, it's what I bought the whole console for in the first place) and the Your Shape: Fitness Evolved series. I will now introduce to you the latest Xbox 360 installments in both series.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012

This is a full-on, professional, all-encompassing fitness game with a personal trainer who encourages you to do your best with every exercise, corrects you when you do something wrong, and praises you for your progress. There are different kinds of fun minigames to warm up with, an impressive number of workouts of varying lengths and intensities grouped together based on which muscles they are designed to exercise, fitness classes (such as cardio boxing and yoga) of varying lengths and intensities, different kinds of dance classes... Let's just say it's a package full of fitnessy goodness for the whole body and leave it at that! When I list "circuit training" among my exercise in my weekly reports, it means the different workouts in this game.

Here's a trailer so you can have some video to accompany my words:

Zumba Fitness: World Party

A dance game with an emphasis on fitness. This particular one in the series is themed as a dance fitness trip around the world. It's a lot of fun, effective and very addictive!

Here's a trailer:

And three of my favourite songs from this game:

I love my Xbox 360 and its fitness games, and honestly think that buying this game console and these fitness games were some of the best decisions I've ever made. I never knew I could have so much fun while getting fit in my own living room!