Thursday, 19 June 2014

Today, I Love...

- Peggle 2

Such cute goofiness!

- Some especially sweet green grapes


Home-made bread with raisins and dried cranberries

So yummy!

 Written by one of my favourite actresses, this book tackles some serious, important issues in depth and with all the warmth, good cheer, sincerity and personality I've come to expect from Cameron Diaz. I myself am just starting my own journey into better health and conscious mental and physical well-being, and it feels really great to read about someone else's journey, especially when that "someone else" is one of my favourite celebrities. My boyfriend, ever the sceptic and pessimist, says this book could very well have been "ghost written" by someone else, but, as usual, I choose to take no part in his doubts and negativity. In my mind, I can hear Cameron Diaz speak the words I read, and that adds to my enjoyment of this book. So far, it's been a very enjoyable read.